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Hey cunts!

2010-04-20 05:50:24 by Jako-inc

Read my Tumblr blog mother fuckers: Jakob's Exclamation Mark.

It's fucking awesome.

And it has significantly less shock humor than this particular post.


2009-08-11 09:22:59 by Jako-inc

For the first time in seven months I've released a flash. So I'm still here though this effects no one but me. It experimental and has no intention of being good. I made it simple out of boredom. Just like all my other flash.

Oh well, one of these days I will probably make something slightly entertaining. Until then enjoy the word Stroke getting smashed by poorly drawn buses.


Edit: Well that did pretty shit. Not surprised. I'm just experimenting.

Not here.

2009-05-30 08:42:19 by Jako-inc

Hi you've reached Jako-inc's account.
I'm away from Newgrounds for a while and will be for a very long time.
Or at least I won't post anything.
But no one cares so fuck off back to Salad Fingers, the General Forum or Hentai or whatever you were on before you came to this page.
Please leave a message after the beep.


Madness is Dead

2009-03-22 05:20:55 by Jako-inc

You may all worship Matt 'Krinkles' Jolly as a god, but personally I think madness is shit.
Over the past few years madness has gotten cheesier and cheesie, shitter and shitter. It used to be awesome, but now it's too long, there's to many characters and it's to slow. The storyline (though there shouldn't be one) is pointless and confusing, when I watch the latest few episodes of madness I feel confused and disappointed.
Also the file size is huge I hate having to watch it in Low Quality.
You may all think that Madness is the greatest thing ever, it used to be one of the best series on Newgrounds, but now it's just longer and longer waits for more worshiped shit flashes.
I used to like madness, but I only like the old ones, the more simple, fast paced, badarse and (sometimes) funny episodes (in the sickest way).
It was still a meaningless sensationalism of violence but my favourite episodes were Madness 4 and 5.
The latest and 9th installment is moar and moar crap released to the series.
My point is that current madness is well overdone.
I prefer medium rare madness.
It seems madness started sucking when they stopped saying "Somewhere in Nevada"...

Is anyone else with me or am I just going to get flamed by sick twelve and thirteen-year-old madness fanboys?

Madness is Dead

Guess What

2009-01-28 01:21:02 by Jako-inc

I just did a shit.
And it was good.

The greatest video evar!

2009-01-17 07:10:10 by Jako-inc

I've just finished the best movie ever.
It will knock off your balls. Innit.

Also this is the best picture of anything ever in the world ever in history ohmygosh.

The greatest video evar!


2009-01-16 03:26:25 by Jako-inc

Why the fuck would anyone want to live on Tatooine?
It's got no water, it's got two fucking suns, and it's really friggen hot.
I wouldn't live there.



2009-01-06 06:46:47 by Jako-inc

Fucking Mosquitoes! I've got mozzie bites Everywhere!
Bloddy Australian summer.
Fucking Mosquitoes!


Happy New Thing

2008-12-31 03:45:08 by Jako-inc

Happy New Year Newgrounds people. Enjoy 2009.
I'll probably never make a flash again.
Or I might.
I might.
I dunno.

Ultimate Randomness 5

2008-12-24 04:19:32 by Jako-inc

Finally I've finished something. I've finished Ultimate Randomness 5. It's very experimental but I fell like I've shut up that voice in my head thats been winging for me to make a flash since last September. I am relived.

Holy shit, Christmas is tomorrow.
Merry Christmas Newgrounds.