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I'm just lazy

2008-08-19 04:44:14 by Jako-inc

I haven't been on Newgrounds in ages. Occasionally I stop by to check the front page, but it's been almost a year since my last flash. I don't know if I'll ever make a flash again. I want to get back into flash but I just never get around to it. So sad.
So to whoever cares:
I'm not dead,
I'm just lazy.


I'm just lazy

It's May...

2008-05-30 07:22:32 by Jako-inc

... it's may. I haven't done anything for newgrounds since September... 9 months since my last flash submission. I might do something soon. But I probably won't.


2007-10-10 22:38:24 by Jako-inc

It was my birthday yesterday (or still today in NG time). Woopdeedo I guess, I'm 13 now (and if you're thinking I'm some noob little kid, I don't really give a crap). Anyway, I haven't made a flash since Madness day, but I'll have one out soon, watch this space.

Anyway... heres a Walrus


Madness Day

2007-09-22 03:17:50 by Jako-inc

Happy Madness Day to all.

I haven't submitted something to Newgrounds for a while, so heres my Madness Day Submission:

Madness Day 07 Submission

I originaly wasn't going to make a Madness Day submission, but then this idea came to my head, and I couldn't refuse. But by now it was only a week until Madness day so the animation is a bit crap as it was rushed. Well I hope you like it anyway. My next submission will probably be in 1-2 weeks. It will be a short clip to this. It'll mainly be a test of Lip Synch. Look out for it!

I hate the teletubbies!

2007-09-11 06:56:23 by Jako-inc

Now, this may seem like spam, or a waste of your precious newgrounds time, but recently I've been watching episodes of the teletubbies. And I'm mad. The show is crap (well, compared to other kids shows) It doesn't teach kids anything except maybe how to count to 4, some colours, and things like up, down and sideways.

It's bad enough that the purple one; Tinky Winky is an absolute fag, I mean, he carries around a friggin hand bag, he's purple which isn't a very manly colour, he sounds pretty gay and in one episode he wears a tu-tu, what the hell! Beside this, there are other reasons to hate the popular children's show for example the four teletubbies, are fat, retarded and have TVs on their suits, not setting a very good example for the kids

Probably the worst part, is that the show is poorly made, the creators repeat parts of the show, like once an episode, the fat, retarded Teletubies show a clip of some little kids doing some crafty activity or something like watching some insects etc. This is fair enough, it's fun for the kids watching. But then after the 5 minute sequence the view goes back to the teletubbies as they complain it has ended, then all say "Again! Again!" and the same sequence plays all over again, exactly the same!

Another repetitive part is the opening and closing sequences of each episode both of these scenes take about 5 minutes, the closing sequance is particularly long mainly because after the narrator says goodbye to each of the four Teletubbies individualy they all come back again, then the narrator says goodbye to them individually again! Then the camera cuts to the rooftop of the Teletubbies strange, dome house as they all jump back into their home. The whole scene takes forever!

This leaves the episode down to about 10 minutes, and what do they do for most of that ten minutes? They dance around in circles for ages panning through different camera angles. DAMN! I wanna shoot the makers of this stupid program! It's so crap! Now something like Sesame Street is alright, It teaches kids about Letters, Numbers (above four), community and making friends, not to be scared of monsters, words, food all sorts of important things. But Teletubbies is pointless, and useless.

Ban Teletubbies for the good of future generations!