Madness is Dead

2009-03-22 05:20:55 by Jako-inc

You may all worship Matt 'Krinkles' Jolly as a god, but personally I think madness is shit.
Over the past few years madness has gotten cheesier and cheesie, shitter and shitter. It used to be awesome, but now it's too long, there's to many characters and it's to slow. The storyline (though there shouldn't be one) is pointless and confusing, when I watch the latest few episodes of madness I feel confused and disappointed.
Also the file size is huge I hate having to watch it in Low Quality.
You may all think that Madness is the greatest thing ever, it used to be one of the best series on Newgrounds, but now it's just longer and longer waits for more worshiped shit flashes.
I used to like madness, but I only like the old ones, the more simple, fast paced, badarse and (sometimes) funny episodes (in the sickest way).
It was still a meaningless sensationalism of violence but my favourite episodes were Madness 4 and 5.
The latest and 9th installment is moar and moar crap released to the series.
My point is that current madness is well overdone.
I prefer medium rare madness.
It seems madness started sucking when they stopped saying "Somewhere in Nevada"...

Is anyone else with me or am I just going to get flamed by sick twelve and thirteen-year-old madness fanboys?

Madness is Dead


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2009-03-22 05:29:29

I agree. Madness started out as mindless violence. That's what it was known for and that's what the name will always be associated with. But now, NOW, theres a plot. You have to follow. I started the new madness. Less than a minute into it i went, What the fuck?, and closed out. It pisses me off because if I wanted a plot that was hard to follow and a couple of deaths I would watch Lost. It's so fucked up and it pisses me off. The old ones where there was a sheriff, some guns, and a helluva lot of blood were the good ones and now it's just a violent soap opera


2009-03-22 05:39:26

Hahah, You're 14, and you're calling yourself more significant than 12 and 13 year olds? You clearly don't have the intellect to realise half your argument is illogical.

Jako-inc responds:

Intellect? This is Newgrounds.


2009-03-22 06:25:55

Madness is Shit Videogames are Shit NewGrounds is becomming un origional the point of being an Artist / Animator is to be inspired by other peoples work not to take their work and pass it on as your own the lack of origionality is a lack of your own will to fuill your own potential


2009-03-23 15:09:25

Madness is still awesome and I have seen your review for MC9 and I completely disagree with it and I like it now that it is no longer just one dude going up against other guys like the previous episodes were.


2011-01-13 16:45:24

You could not be more wrong